The biggest impediment for litigants in pursuing court proceedings is the uncertainty involved in terms of time and costs. As such commercial entities as well as individuals often prefer to have their disputes resolved through out-of-court settlement or alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

The different forms of ADR include arbitration, conciliation, mediation, and negotiation. ADR can be a cost-effective and relatively expeditious avenue for resolving disputes. To fulfill its commitment of providing complete legal services to its clients, Stellar Chambers has set up in-house ADR facilities comprising of rooms equipped with all the modern amenities required to facilitate both virtual and in-person arbitrations and all other forms of ADR. The amenities offered are customizable according to client’s needs and the specific nature of the ADR. The ADR facilities can be availed by any law firm, company or individuals upon prior appointment. The same facilities can be availed by companies for board meetings, extra-ordinary general meetings and/or seminars.

The amenities offered include:

  • ADR room with a seating capacity of 15 persons
  • Two break out rooms with seating capacity of 8 and 5 persons respectively
  • Secretarial services
  • Witness Desk
  • Videoconferencing facilities
  • Teleconferencing facilities
  • Cameras for video recording of proceedings
  • Two dedicated support staff
  • Internet, stationeries and printer (on need basis)

  • For bookings, please contact: