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2020 January

For Whom is the Labour Act 2006 applicable?

Labour disputes are common in Bangladesh, particularly in the ready-made garments sector. Most of the

2019 December

Trademark registration — an overview

Trademark is a private right and is essentially another word for brand name. It can be any name, word,

2019 November

Character assassination of rape victims

Despite being a heinous crime, sexual offences, specially cases of rape, mostly go unreported in Bangladesh.

2017 March

Redress against domestic violence

Few days ago, I came across this video in Facebook where a middle-aged man hits his wife repeatedly on a train. It was, arguably, in India.

2019 March

Bangladesh: A force to be reckoned with

In 2018 alone, Bangladesh attracted a total amount of USD 2700 million approximately as foreign direct

2019 March

What amounts to adultery under the laws of Bangladesh?

All of us have more or less come across the term “adultery”, but many of us are unaware of its legal definition.

2019 April

Making of a gift under the Muhammadan law

Under the Muslim or Muhammadan law, a hiba or gift is the transfer of property made immediately by one person,

2019 August

How fair is media trial?

In today’s day and age, media plays a crucial role in moulding the opinion of the society and it is capable of changing the whole viewpoint through which

2019 November

How to register a trademark in Bangladesh?

Trademark is essentially another word for brand name. It can be any name, word, symbol, slogan, or device that serves to both identify

2019 September

How wise is it to ban gambling?

The internet is currently taken over by the news of casinos existing in Bangladesh. After the recent crackdown by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

2019 October

Student politics is not about students anymore

The ideology behind the emergence of student politics is very simple- it will serve the interests of the students. Since 1990, this ideology has become